29 June, 2006


After a long period of silence the first thing that I want to write about is ASP.NET. The reason why I am speaking about it is my diploma theme. It was something like “ASP.NET in Delphi”. In this post I am not going to tell you about how ASP.NET technology is tough, simple and efficient. In this post I want to highlight the first thing that disappointed me in Delphi (actually in an IDE but not in the language).

Well I love Delphi and I like new DBS 2006 IDE very much. But when I started to study ASP.NET and tried to write some plain .aspx files in BDS 2006 I was very, very much disappointed. The visual HTML editor in this IDE is terrible, awful, horrible … Solution was found very fast. I have simply opened an .aspx file in the DreamWeaver and made everything as I wanted. But there are few annoying things on this stage too. Also Code Editor sometimes behaves really strange when I am editing an .aspx file.

The other thing that made me feel sad is that when I was checking the results of my work in Internet Explorer everything appeared wonderful but when I was using Firefox to see the results WebControls where looking not exactly as I wanted them to look. E.g. when I was changing the width of some control to 100 pixels it was shown correctly in IE but in Firefox it was shown with default width. Fortunately the decision of this problem was found. Thanks to Dr.Bob’s post. He explained the reason of the problem and how to solve this problem.


  • ASP.NET – Rulezzz;
  • Borland (DevCo) should greatly improve it’s solution for ASP.NET;

Thank you for your attention and sorry for bad English.


Hi all! I know that for a pretty long period of time my blog has not been updated. As you might know or guess I was extremely busy with my graduation project. Finally I have finished it and protected my diploma. Now I am absolutely free and have enough time to write new and interesting (I hope) posts.