26 February, 2006


I have recently finished one very interesting program which was ordered by Ades. This program is very useful for web designers or any other kind of designers. The main purpose of it is to capture colors anywhere on the screen and store them in either HTML or RGB color codes. You can read more detailed description, see more screenshots and download the demo from here.
I will be tremendously appreciated for those who will leave any suggestions, critics etc. here in the comments.

PS: very soon new version will be released so stay tuned!

06 February, 2006

Very busy

Hello everyone! Sorry that I didn’t wrote any post during such a long period! The reason is that I have found a job and trying to pass probation period. Therefore I am busy almost all the day and when I am coming back home at the evening I am trying to rest. I have only one weekend in the week . That’s horrible! Also, I need to write my graduation paper. So, I am very, very busy! But I promise that very soon the situation will change to the best side!!! The reasons are:

  • I think I’ll left this job very soon because I don’t like it;
  • I’ll write my graduation paper and will try to find a much better(I mean more interesting) job than I have found recently;
  • I have finished one very useful project and I am going to tell how realized some parts of it.

 And also I’ll share some very interesting links with you. See you soon!