03 October, 2006

Video lessons (tutorials)

Hello all!

If you know English and love Delphi then I am almost sure that you know Nick Hodges (at least his blog). You probably wondering why I am talking about him? The answer is pretty obvious. Nick Hodges is great man which is strongly related to Delphi. Recently this incredibly active man has created 30 videos in 30 days about Delphi. His action inspired Camtasia team to make 30 videos in 30 days about their product - Camtasia Studio. I think that Nick Hodges action should inspire all the professionals in the Delphi community to do the same.

IMHO - video tutorials/lessons is a right direction! Microsoft has chosen this direction and walks on it confidently. Visit www.ASP.net and you will make sure in it. You will find there a lot of fresh video material for beginners and video answer on frequently asked question "How do I ... ?".

I like to watch video from BDS 2006 presentation and found them very useful and informative. I think Borland should spend some time and efforts to make more Delphi videos. It is good to read books, articles ... but it is much better to read some book and then to watch related video made by Delphi professionals.

PS: some video material can be found at Borland Developer Network

Thank you!