16 December, 2005

Innovations in Delphi 2006

I didn’t create new posts for some period because I was little busy. But now I have some free time and I decided to use it for writing this post. As you guessed from the title this post is about innovations in Delphi 2006.
Browsing the Internet I have found many interesting posts about Delphi 2006. But all this posts are located on different sites. Since I still don’t have Delphi 2006 I can forgot some of the new features as I can’t test them immediately after reading about them. So I made a decision to collect links on the most interesting posts and read those posts again after receiving Delphi 2006. I also decided to share those links with you. So, let’s begin …

[Updated 28.12.05]
A First Look at Delphi 2006

Borland Developer Studio 2006
What's new in Delphi 2006 - by Malcolm Groves and Jason Vokes
Introducing OnMouseEnter/OnMouseLeave events on TControl in VCL for Delphi 2006 - at last (IMHO)
Making use of templates
Creating Code Templates - Basics (Delphi2006)
Automatically close files implicitly opened during debugging
Hidden feature, anyone?! (Delphi2006)
Interesting ECO Links
Delphi 2006 Hidden COM Registry Entries

If I find some more I'll update this topic. Stay tuned...
If you have something to add you can do this in comments. I'll be very much appreciate for that!

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