06 February, 2006

Very busy

Hello everyone! Sorry that I didn’t wrote any post during such a long period! The reason is that I have found a job and trying to pass probation period. Therefore I am busy almost all the day and when I am coming back home at the evening I am trying to rest. I have only one weekend in the week . That’s horrible! Also, I need to write my graduation paper. So, I am very, very busy! But I promise that very soon the situation will change to the best side!!! The reasons are:

  • I think I’ll left this job very soon because I don’t like it;
  • I’ll write my graduation paper and will try to find a much better(I mean more interesting) job than I have found recently;
  • I have finished one very useful project and I am going to tell how realized some parts of it.

 And also I’ll share some very interesting links with you. See you soon!

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