29 August, 2006

Blogging software

Hello all!
Before this day I was using BlogJet (BTW, can't wait to see new version 2.0) to post to my blog but recently Microsoft released its Windows Live Writer and I began to doubt which software to use. My doubts became greater after I saw this blog post. In my opinion both programs are great. Each has its own benefits but .. but Windows Live Writer (beta yet) is FREE and I should say that this is a very telling argument. BTW, my previous post was made from Windows Live Writer. I should say that's its functionality is great.
But its not the end! Today Google finally renew the work of its Writely service. Using Writely you can post to your favorite blog too (its not the only and not the main feature of this great service) and it is absolutely FREE (at least for now). So now I am fully confused! But its not for long! Soon, after some research and test, I'll find out which way/software is better to use.

Almost forgot to tell that www.blogger.com is going to update its way of editing posts. Now AJAX technology will be used and I am sure that it would be much more convenient to edit the blog then it is now.

Stay tuned and soon you will know my conclusion about who is the winner.

PS: this post has been written with the help of www.writely.com

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