17 April, 2007

First impression about Delphi 2007

Hello all! I finally have installed Delphi 2007 about an hour ago and now make some testdrive. Here is my first impressions:


  • New installer became nicer and faster;
  • BDS 2007 starts faster then BDS 2006 (not pretty much but still faster);
  • The second start of BDS 2007 is definitely much faster than BDS 2006;
  • Help looks better too (hope the content became better too);
  • Finally we have Build Events!;


  • New installer didn't want to run properly from my D: partition (Windows installed on C:);
  • Text size button in the help doesn't work (actually it works but the only thing that changes is bullets size; the text size remains the same);

More will be later!


First impression is pleasant so far.

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Elizeu said...

is a good start